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Minecraft Application Template


This is the Minecraft application Template. Please be aware, We will try to respond as quick as possible but you may be waiting up to 1 week to get a reply.
If your application is denied that is final please do not harass staff about your application.
You must be the following


  •     Mature
  •     3 Days minimum on server
  •     Knowledge of the game mode


Current Rank:

Age (16 and up):

Have you got any minecraft Staff experience?

Do you have any prior world guard or world edit experience?

Name 2 references who have seen you around the server and can vouch for you?

What do you think you can bring to the server if your template gets accepted:

Please Name your Application (Name | Server | Application)

To help us make the best desicion we can with our staffing team can everyone please +1 or -1 peoples application.

There are 3 stages to the Staff approval process.

Step 1 - The Application

Step 2 - Staff and Player review

Step 3 - Interview

Thanks Kawaii Network Staff.

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