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Accepted |Jade |Minecraft Application

This is the Minecraft application Template. Please be aware, We will try to respond as quick as 
possible but you may be waiting up to 1 week to get a reply.
If your application is denied that is final please do not harass staff about your application.
You must be the following



    3 Days minimum on server

    Knowledge of the game mode

♥ Jade
♥ CutiePieBabe

Steam ID please visit website to find-out (
♥ STEAM_0:0:85261212  

U-Time Hours (3 days minimum):
♥ Not sure but I think more than 3 days c:

Current Rank:
♥ Trusted

Age (13 and up):
♥ 19

Have you got any Minecraft Staff experience:
♥ Yes. I've been Mod and Admin on a few friends Minecraft servers and realms. I know a few commands
but I'm happy to learn. I am looking forward to help moderate the server and be on the cool team

What do you think you can bring to the server if your template gets accepted:
♥ I'm pretty good at Minecraft, been playing for quite a few years, get along really well with the players in
Kawaii and would really like to be on the staff team. I'm happy to help out where-ever needed whenever.

Thanks Kawaii Network Staff.

+1 Nice and easy to get along with, as she would definitely make members feel welcomed. Would also be a good asset to the team. 

I wouldn't know what Jade is like as a staff member as I haven't seen her as staff before. But how's anyone gonna be good at anything if we don't give them a chance. 

Worth a chance for mod.

Good luck 


+ I don't think i need to say anymore than welcome aboard!! im sure my co-owner would agree!

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